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Hi! Welcome to Dat Williams Comics. This is The White and Black Book, issues 4 and 5, in progress. Issues 1, 2 and 3 can be found on my homepage here. If you'd like to send me a note or something peaks your interest, click on the 'comment' button below.

Dat Williams is a thoughtful adventure. Dat Williams is lost in space, languishing in melancholy and depression as he waits to die. Nothing to enjoy or look forward to for Dat Williams. No favourite meal, no travels, no online casino or computer games, no walks in the park or trips to the beach. He is a million miles from anywhere, and it is unlikely he will see any place or meet any other person again.

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Dat Williams Comics Issue 4 page 11. Oh no! Everyday it's the same now it has changed! I've brought this on myself through my own behavior! But I don't know what I did to cause this it. I fear it's angry. I'm scared and confused.Do not fear. I have taken this form to be among you, to walk these halls as you do. My body is crafted from the contorted fibers I exude in from the walls. I will be your companion. No!