The Adventures of Dat Williams

Science Fiction Comic Book

Praise for Dat Williams

Dat Williams #1

"The Adventures of Dat Williams is a clever, campy rethink of the Clarke/Kubric 2001: A Space Odyssey engine... Dat Williams' vintage serial feel and tantalizing cliffhanger are evocative of classic Flash Gordon, except loaded with irony. Next issue: "The Secrets to Everlasting Life Revealed!" Can't wait."
- Melissa Bull Broken Pencil

Dat Williams #2

"Nicholas Welp cares about what he does and it shows. Each frame moves the story forward while keeping a flow that's easy to follow-important if you want your character to be cared for. The variety of angles Nick uses in each illustration gives the comic a filmic depth and seems to almost give off a soundtrack as you read. Dealing mostly with loneliness, depression and starvation, the most effective tool Nick has is his storytelling. ... I'm not even a sci-fi fan but at the end of this, I wanted more."
- Robert Lines Broken Pencil

Dat Williams #1

"...the storyline in this Sci Fi Horror tale is great. ... Welp paces the narrative nicely and there is a genuine building up of tension as the two lost travellers draw closer."
- Steve Saville at

Thank you for your visit! Dat Williams is going through a major revamping, with new stories on the horizon. It will be released as a graphic novel or a miniseries. Thank you for your visit!

Nicholas Welp